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Healthy doesn’t have to be hard!


I’m Ellen Jaworski, certified holistic health coach and wellness travel expert.

Hi, I’m Ellen Jaworski, certified holistic health coach and wellness travel expert.

Does your hectic schedule have you feeling like you’re out of our alignment with who you really are? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Back in 2011, I was 40 pounds heavier, over-stressed, exhausted, uncomfortable in my body, and overwhelmed with the plethora of competing diets and health information.

Since then, I’ve transformed my health and helped many busy, successful women like you, put themselves first so they, too, can be the energized, vibrant women they want to be!

If you’re ready to show up powerfully in your life and lose weight without adding more stress to your plate, I can help.

With my support, you’ll create sustainable, healthy habits that compliment your busy schedule, so that feeling energized, confident, and comfortable in your skin are simply who you are!

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Say hello to a delicious, healthy sheet pan dinner for two that takes just 10 minutes of prep! Adhering to the paleo diet, Whole30, and keto, this simple whole food recipe will give you a nutritious, satisfying dinner with a minimum amount of effort. KEEPING HEALTHY EATING ON A BUSY SCHEDULE EASY The key to…

6 Weight Loss Mistakes I Made That Hurt My Health

Long before becoming a health coach, I embarked on my own wellness journey, beginning with the goal to lose 40 pounds and the desire to look like a swimsuit model… and along the way, I made a lot of weight loss mistakes that cost me stress, anguish, frustration, and ultimately, hurt my health and happiness.…

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