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My Favorite Wellness Gadgets

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is what my favorite products are for cooking, cleaning, exercising, self care, travel, etc. With over 8 years experience in the holistic health field and a whole lot of personal trial and error, here are the tried-and-true products I use in my own home. I love them and I think you will, too!


Air Fryer

I’m obsessed with my air fryer because it cooks meat, vegetables, and more, making them hot and crispy in just minutes!

I use it on a daily basis to cook sausage or salmon, reheat roasted vegetables, toast gluten free bread, etc. It gives everything a perfectly crispy exterior with a tender inside. Oh, and you can good a perfect medium rare steak in just 6 minutes!

I love this model in particular because the whole basket comes out, which makes cleaning easy. I used other air fryers at friend’s houses and I firmly believe this one is the winner!

Check the air fryer out here

Instant Pot 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot is my second favorite kitchen gadget because it makes meal prepping a breeze! It’s perfect for quickly cooking large batches of soup, stew, pot roast, curry, bone broth, etc, cutting down cooking time from hours to just minutes.

Because of its amazing multi-functionality, I can sauté stew meat in the pot and then throw in all the other ingredients, switch it to pressure cooking mode, and voila! Plus, it doubles as a rice cooker, steamer, sous vide, slow cooker, and more.

I have an older Instant Pot, but this is the model I will be upgrading to soon! I can’t wait!!

Check the Instant Pot out here

Glass Food Storage Containers

IMO these glass food containers are a must-have! There’s always at least four in use in my fridge storing my dinner leftovers, portions of meal prepped recipes, or pre-chopped veggies.

For both taste and your health, glass tupperware is the gold standard. When heated, plastic can cause harmful chemicals to leach into your food. This does not happen when glass is heated, making it the safest storage option for the healthy food you’ve taken the time and energy to make!

Finally, I love the locking lids on these particular containers. I meal prep a lot of soup and stew for work lunches and these locking lids ensure that none of that liquid spills into my lunchbox!

Check out these glass containers here


Thrive Market Membership

I describe Thrive Market as a mashup of Costco, Whole Foods, and Amazon. It’s an online marketplace where I purchase all my favorite healthy staples for up to 50% off!

They have an extensive selection of paleo, gluten free, vegan, and environmentally-friendly products. I get everything here from my favorite paleo snacks, to pantry staples like olive oil and coconut milk, to bulk spices, to laundry detergent, and even shampoo and soap!

Membership is $60 annually, but IMO, the savings more than makes up for the fee if you order several times a year. Plus, shipping is free for orders over $49!

Check it out here (and get 25% off your first order!)


Branch Basics Basic Starter Kit

I take what comes in contact with my body as seriously as the foods I put into my body, so it’s important to me to use nontoxic cleaning products! These are all plant-based, biodegradable, fragrance-free, and Made Safe Certified.

I love Branch Basics’ system. They send you the empty spray bottles and a concentrate, then you mix the concentrate with water to create each formula! The bottles are reusable so when you run out, you just order another bottle of concentrate.

I’ve never run into a mess these cleaners couldn’t handle and I love that this biz is women-owned!

Check out Branch Basics here


Keelo Fitness App

This app is the major reason I still have a consistent workout routine! It has been a lifesaver during the pandemic after the gyms where shutdown, and even before when I was traveling.

Keelo provides functional fitness workouts that are programmed to my fitness ability and the equipment I have. Every workout includes a warm up circuit, a strength set, a WOD-style HIIT workout, and then concludes with cool down stretching, and takes a total of 40-60 minutes!

The app makes each workout a checklist so I feel the satisfaction of checking each movement off as I go and videos are present for every single movement. I love that I can start a workout and cruise without having to think hard about it, and I always work up a sweat!

Check it out here

Speed Jump Rope

The jump rope is a simple, but mighty exercise tool! IMO, it’s a fun and effective way to get a cardio workout and this one is super compact and lightweight, so it’s perfect for travel. The jumprope also one of the equipment filters that can be turned on in the Keelo app.

I like the speed jump rope in particular because the length can be easily set to fit your unique height. It’s also the best jumprope for everything from skipping jump ropes to double under, giving you a lot of variety in the type of workout you can get for this $10 piece of equipment!

Check out this jump rope here

Muscle Massager Gun

This is the newest addition to my exercise gadgets and boy, oh boy, do I love it! Massager guns use vibration to increase blood flow to relieve muscle soreness and speed up post-workout recovery. I find that it really makes a difference!

I keep mine next to the couch and use it in the evening when I’m watching TV. It’s great after a tough workout or when I’m generally stressed and my neck and shoulders are super tight.

I chose this particular brand because a former roommate has the same one and not only was it effective and easy to use, but the company also provided great customer service when she encountered an issue!

Check out this massager gun here


Kannaway CBD Salve

I used to be skeptical about CBD products (read about that here), but this salve has completely won me over! I regularly use it on sore my muscles or aches and pains and within ten minutes, I notice a reduction in pain. I recommended the salve to a friend for the keloids on her chest and after just a few months, the reduction in her scars was incredible!

There are a lot of CBD brands out there, but I choose Kannaway because they are the gold standard of quality. All their products are triple lab tested, their hemp plants are pesticide- and herbicide-free soil, and they’re one of a few companies with the U.S. Hemp Authority Seal of quality.

I also use their Premium Hemp Oil to help with anxiety and relaxation and I give my cat their CBD cat treats!

Check out Kannaway’s CBD Products here

Headspace Meditation App

I’ve always struggled with a consistent meditation routine, but the Headspace app definitely has me on the right track! I always questions what meditation I should do or how to get better at it so I appreciate that I can simply open the app and do the “meditation of the day” or continue with a specific course that’s building my skills.

I’m currently working through the “Managing Anxiety” course and I love each session has 10, 15, and 20 minute session options depending on how I feel that day. Plus, I love Andy’s voice and his charming Australian accent!

I signed up for the annual subscription which offers a better price, but there are monthly subscriptions available too!

Check out Headspace here

Big Dipper Wax Works Aromatherapy Candles

There’s something so nice and cozy about a lit candle, especially in during the winter! These are the candles I burn because in addition to the lovely ambiance and scents, their quality is unbeatable!

Big Dipper candles are 100% beeswax and scented with essential oils, meaning they’re nontoxic and nonallergenic. In fact, they actually help to purify the air! Plus, they’re local (to me in Seattle) and I love that they’re committed to sustainable beekeeping practices and donate 10% of their profits to a number of non-profit organizations.

Check these amazing candles out here


Wild Zora Paleo Meals To Go

Wild Zora’s freeze-dried meals are the ultimate hack for eating healthy on the go! Whenever I travel for business or pleasure, I always pack a couple of these meals because they are an easy solution to a high quality meal that will keep me feeling my best when healthy eating options are non-existent. And they could’t be easier to make because all you need is hot water, which is available everywhere!

Wild Zora offers both breakfast and lunch/dinner flavors, including a few autoimmune protocol-friendly options. I can personally vouch for the deliciousness of their entire line up of meals! They’re so tasty, I often forget I’m eating what would typically be considered a backpacking meal!

Check out Wild Zora Paleo Meals to Go here

To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensils

I always keep a set of travel utensils in my bag because they are so useful! Not only do they ensure I always have a way to eat the healthy food I pack when I’m on the go working, road tripping, flying, camping, or backpacking, but they also significantly cut down my use of disposable plasticware.

I love To-Go Ware in particular because its durable and easy to clean and all the materials are sustainable. The utensils are bamboo and the carrying case is made from recycled water bottles!

Check out these travel utensils here

Fat Fuel Organic Instant Keto Coffee

If you’re a butter coffee drinker (aka Bulletproof coffee) like me, get ready for your mind to be blown. Fat Fuel is powdered instant butter coffee, individually packaged for the perfect frothy, filling cup of butter coffee on the go!

I’ve been regularly using Fat Fuel for 4 years now and I’m obsessed. I never travel without it because with just a cup of hot water, I can add a packet of Fat Fuel for a cup of delicious coffee that will keep me full and happy all the way to lunch.

Each packet contains grass fed butter powder, MCT oil powder, coconut oil powder, instant organic coffee, and Himalayan salt. It’s genius and so, so good (insert drool here).

Check Fat Fuel out here

Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumbler

A Yeti tumbler might seem like a rather generic addition to this list, but I included it because my tumbler is literally an extension of my arm when I’m traveling. My friends and coworkers can vouch for that lol.

I’ve had my Yeti for 4 years and I never leave home without it for several reasons:

  1. I always have a vehicle to make my Fat Fuel coffee
  2. It keeps my coffee or drink hot for hours (no joke!)
  3. It reduces waste, eliminating my need for disposable cups
  4. I can also use it for soups, n’oatmeal, etc
  5. It’s super durable and will hold up for years!

Check out the Yeti Tumbler here

Got questions about my favorite products? I’m happy to help!

Please note, this post contains affiliate links. I may make a small percentage from the products I link to, but I will only ever share products that I truly believe in and use in my own life. I would greatly appreciate your support by using my links if you plan on purchasing any of these products! Thanks!

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