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Transform your body and mind without adding another to-do!

Does your hectic schedule have you feeling like you’re out of our alignment with who you really are? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Back in 2011, I was 40 pounds heavier, over-stressed, exhausted, uncomfortable in my body, and overwhelmed with the plethora of competing diets and health information.

Since then, I’ve transformed my health and helped many busy, successful women like you, put themselves first so they, too, can be the energized, vibrant women they want to be!

If you’re ready to show up powerfully in your life and lose weight without adding more stress to your plate, I can help.

With my support, you’ll create sustainable, healthy habits that compliment your busy schedule, so that feeling energized, confident, and comfortable in your skin are simply who you are!

If you’re ready to lose weight without adding another to-do to your list, I invite you to start with a free, no-obligation 15-minute interest call.

*Enrollment for all programs is currently closed*

Success Stories

“I have more energy, my clothes are looser, and I’m more active than I’ve been in years!”

In my time working with Ellen, I’ve developed great new habits and learned ways to better honor my body’s cues. Ellen understands what it is to be constantly on the go, and is able to use that, and her knowledge of nutrition, to help others create space for their best and healthiest selves. I’ve identified what forms of protein fuel me best, (and learned about some new ones!) and as someone with a dairy sensitivity, learned some ways to eliminate dairy from my diet without feeling like I’m missing out. As Ellen says – focusing on what you DO get to eat, instead of what you’re choosing not to, makes it so much more fun. I have more energy, my clothes are looser, and I’m more active than I’ve been in years!

– Marilla H.

“I’ve gained an awareness about what foods work best for me and the results have been life changing…”

Working with Ellen has changed my life, in big ways, but also in ways that I didn’t realize until a month after we’d finished our sessions. The main thing that I have learned is to put myself first. By taking care of my basic needs: sleeping enough and eating well, I am a much more well-adjusted and sane person. I am much more able to work through all of the crazy shit that life throws my way.

After only 2 sessions with Ellen I lost 4 lbs, identified a sensitivity to dairy, and noticed a substantial increase in energy! She has helped me navigate my relationship with food. I have learned how to identify my triggers and have been given the tools to work through them. Ellen takes the time to fully explain new information in a way that’s easy to understand. I’ve gained an awareness about what foods work best for me and the results have been life changing!

I’ve learned better and cleaner eating habits and how to listen to my body. I’ve learned that it is important to prioritize my diet and to take the time to create whole meals. I was someone who used to constantly wait until I was starving and then eat too much of the first thing in front of me to compensate. Now, I anticipate my hunger and plan accordingly. I now eat a healthy breakfast every day. I always have snacks in my purse, car, etc. just in case I’m unable to plan ahead or I end up starving.

Most importantly, I now have the belief that I will reach my big goals. I can do it. Working with Ellen helped me gain the confidence to get there, to a place where I know that over time I will achieve that healthy lifestyle that I want to lead.
To anyone considering health coaching with Ellen, know that Ellen really takes the time to see her client’s individual differences. This is not a one size fits all program. Ellen focuses on her client’s needs and takes their cues to create a health program that will most benefit them.

– Cara D.

“Much improved ‘life force’ and quiet astounding 3.2 lb loss in five days…”

Seriously, I haven’t felt this well in a long time. Not perfect but much improved “life force” and quiet astounding 3.2 lb loss in five days. I am shaking my head that for years I’ve been bouncing around Dr’s offices, taking a ridiculous amount of costly supplements, and none did the job the mighty potato did in just 5 days. Quite remarkable really! And, it was fat loss, not water weight, because it has stayed off. Continuing the program intermittently to my goal weight. So hopeful about these great results!

– Client who wishes to remain anonymous

“I was able to create a consistent workout routine, one that I look forward to every time…”

I worked with Ellen for 4 weeks and that has been a great pleasure! I wanted to become more disciplined with my eating habits and develop a set schedule for my workouts.

At first, I was cautious and unsure if she will be able to help me out, but she was exactly the right person I needed! After every phone call I felt refreshed, focused and excited about my future. I was able to create a consistent workout routine, one that I look forward to every time. I learned how to build healthy meals and be self aware of my energy levels. Ellen is very supportive and positive person. She will help you to draw a picture of your happy lifestyle, determine real goals to get there, support and hold you accountable on every step of your journey.

– Kristina S.

“When Ellen helped me tune up my perspective and approach to health, things started to fall into place.”

“Working out routinely and eating a balanced diet were common to me, so I qualified myself as a healthy individual. Despite identifying as such, I never really felt like I was living at my full potential.

It only took 3 sessions to pinpoint where my sense of health and wholeness was lacking. That quick understanding can be attributed to Ellen’s coaching approach. She’s fully equipped and knowledgeable of the holistic work in progress and prepared to break it down into tangible, digestible steps.

Working on yourself can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. Ellen’s conversational and warm communication paired with the processes she implements into her coaching eliminate those words from the experience entirely. She doesn’t just help you form goals, but works with you to pave a path leading to them.

As trivial as it may sound, one of my initial goals was to be able to wear a pair of jean shorts in public. Since working with Ellen (7 weeks), I’ve Instagrammed 3 pictures of myself in said shorts. THREE. In short, exercise and a balanced diet have always been a part of my life. But, when Ellen helped me tune up my perspective and approach to health, things started to fall into place.”

– Sara V.

I’m here to help!

If you have any questions about what it could look like for us to work together, please fill out the form below or email me directly at ellen[at]triplepeakwellness[dot]com.

I look forward to hearing your story and helping you create your version of healthy!

Please note:

  • All coaching sessions are held via video conference unless otherwise noted, though I will make exceptions for anyone who would feel more comfortable starting our first few sessions via phone call.
  • I do not accept insurance as payment for my services.
  • I am happy to work in collaboration with your doctor to help you implement your doctor’s diet and lifestyle recommendations.
  • As a health coach, I do not diagnose or treat health conditions, prescribe medications, or order blood work.
  • I work with a network of trusted licensed practitioners who I will be happy to refer you to in the event that our work together would benefit from additional tests or an allied care framework.
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