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On-the-Go Breakfast: Protein Chia Seed Pudding (Paleo)

protein chia seed pudding topped with blueberries and almond butter in a mason jar surrounded by blueberries maps and a spoon

When you’re on the go you don’t have time or resources to create gorgeous, Instagram-worthy breakfasts.

Instead, you need a breakfast that’s straightforward, cheap, takes just minutes to make, and is loaded with high quality nutrients to keep your energy high, your focus sharp, and your body satiated.


That need is exactly how this healthy on-the-go breakfast came to be.

Last summer, as I spent 3 months road tripping around the United States and Canada, I grew frustrated stopping for breakfast every morning at diners in the middle of nowhere.

Not only did a diner breakfast waste an hour of precious adventure time, but the $10-$20 spent on a sub par meal of conventional eggs and antibiotic and hormone laden bacon made me furious!

Alternatively, I wasn’t about to forgo my paleo ways by eating a pastry, donut, or bagel. A grain-based breakfast would send me on that dreaded energy rollercoaster and leave me tired and grumpy an hour later.

I’ve always been a fan of chia seed pudding for its convenience, but up to this point, my chia seed pudding recipes required almond milk. Not ideal for travel. When driving through rural Arkansas or flying into a city late at night, chances of finding almond milk are slim to none. Plus, there’s no reason to add an errand to your travel itinerary.

To save money, time, and my health while traveling, I created the ultimate on-the-go breakfast!


FOUR INGREDIENTS: It requires just four simple ingredients: coconut milk powder, vanilla whey protein powder, chia seeds, and hot water. You can certainly add things like collagen peptides, spices, or toppings like fruit, almond butter, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, etc, but they’re not necessary. On its own, the four ingredient chia seed pudding is tasty and packed with energy-boosting protein and healthy fat.

PACK AHEAD: Maximize travel convenience by packing the 3 dry ingredients in a ziplock bag (or in a Blender Bottle) ahead of time. When you arrive at your destination, simply add the dry ingredients and hot water to a your Blender Bottle and shake. No reason to lug around the coconut milk powder, chia seed, and protein powder containers! If you plan to eat chia seed pudding for multiple breakfasts, pack separate ziplock bags, each with one serving of the chia seed pudding dry ingredients (see photo below).

REQUIRES MINIMAL SUITCASE SPACE: When you pre-pack the 3 dry ingredients in a ziplock bag, not only is it TSA-safe, but it takes up minimal room in your suitcase! You’ll need to pack your Blender Bottle (which is the only required equipment to make this recipe – it’s only $7) so stuff it with your ziplock bags of chia seed pudding and throw it in your suitcase.

JUST ADD HOT WATER: This is one of the major travel hacks of this recipe. By packing the dry ingredients ahead, you only need hot water to make this protein chia seed pudding at your destination. No searching for almond milk required! Hot water can be found anywhere.

NUTRIENT DENSE: This chia seed pudding features 30 grams of complete protein, 19 grams of healthy fat, only 5 grams of net carbs, and 0 grams of sugar. Chia seeds are called a “super food” for a reason. They’re a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, iron, and a number of other important vitamins and minerals. This powerful combination will quash your hunger pangs, giving you long-lasting, steady energy, and keep your brain sharped and focused so you can experience your travels to the fullest!

chia seeds coconut milk powder whey protein powder in a ziplock bag surrounded by maps

PACK AHEAD: Pack the 3 chia seed pudding dry ingredients ahead of time in a ziplock bag and throw it in your suitcase!


USE A BLENDER BOTTLE: This is the only equipment required. I recommend this 20 oz Blender Bottle (less than $7), because it’s the perfect size for chia seed pudding and it’ll take up less space in your suitcase than the standard 28 oz bottle. Beyond chia seed pudding, the Blender Bottle is a winning addition to any traveler’s packing list because it can be used to make simple protein shakes or as a water bottle.

hand holding a blender bottle blenderball on a white background
The oh-so-important Blenderball

The oh-so-important Blenderball

Sure, you could use any container with a lid (like a mason jar), but the magic of the Blender Bottle is in the included Blenderball that breaks up clumps and creates an evenly textured pudding. If you’re going to use a mason jar, I highly recommend adding a Blenderball.

USE HOT WATER: When I say hot water, I mean hot water. Ideally boiling, steaming, or uncomfortably hot-to-the-touch water. If you have really hot faucet water at your hotel or hostel, that will likely work. The hot water is important because it dissolves the coconut milk powder.

Other ideas for sourcing hot water:

  • Stop at a gas station and use the red hot water handle on the front of the coffee maker (nearly every gas station has one)
  • Boil water over a camp stove or campfire
  • Stop at a coffee shop or cafe and ask for a cup of hot water

MAKE IT THE NIGHT BEFORE: As a rule, chia seed pudding takes 4 hours to set. The chia seeds need time to absorb the liquid and develop that pudding-y texture that makes it so good. Make the chia seed pudding the night before and let it set overnight for a breakfast that will be ready to eat the moment you wake up.

wood bowl with coconut milk powder white bowl with chia seeds plastic scoop with whey protein powder

4 INGREDIENTS: coconut milk powder, organic whey protein powder, organic chia seeds. (hot water not pictured)

On-the-Go Breakfast: Protein Chia Seed Pudding (Paleo)

This paleo protein chia seed pudding is a convenient, nutrient-dense, pack-ahead breakfast that takes just 12 minutes of active work to make!




  1. FOR PACKING: Place coconut milk powder, chia seeds, vanilla whey protein powder, and optional collagen powder in a zip lock bag.
  2. THE NIGHT BEFORE: Put all ingredients in a Blender Bottle and shake vigorously until combined.
  3. After 10 minutes, vigorously shake jar again to ensure chia seeds don’t clump.
  4. Let chia seed pudding set overnight or for a minimum of 4 hours.
  5. THE MORNING OF: Add optional desired toppings like organic almond butter, or organic blueberries and eat right out of the container!



When you share your Protein Chia Seed Pudding on social media be sure to tag me at triplepeakwellness! I’d love to see how you use this breakfast on the go!

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